Christopher Wright - Construction Manager

Chris Wright is a qualified, driven leader who is focused on producing quality results. Chris has a passion and drive for the telecommunications industry, which shows in his ability to produce productive, quality work with an ever-present concern for safety.

Chris Wright is a construction manager at McNeal Professional Services Site Development Services. He has worked in the Wireless Telecommunications industry for over 16 years. Wireless Telecommunications is an ever-changing industry. As a third-generation tower worker, Chris understands not only the history of the industry, but also the direction in which it is going.

Chris has a multitude of certifications to maintain the quality and safety standards of the industry including


  • General Contractor
  • Comtrain
  • RF Safety
  • Tower Safety and Quality
  • Industry Standard Certification
  • OSHA


  • First Aid/CPR
  • Site Master Line and Antenna
  • PIM Testing
  • Fiber
  • Andrew/Commscope

Chris has actively been involved in the installation, maintenance, repair and inspection of communication structures and equipment through out the country. Through the years, he has had hands-on training in Flash, HP, Honeywell, Rohn, and other lighting and lighting monitoring systems and successfully updated and managed local city tower infrastructures. Chris has also supervised construction of several National Emergency Response Towers. For several years, he has inspected and brought to standard the FAA towers in several locations in the US and abroad. In the late 90’s his focus was on the inspection of installation and construction for several cellular carriers. In 2001 Chris was the foreman over his first turn-key construction of a 350 foot self supporting tower. Hundreds of towers later, Chris maintains the diligence and quality standards that both MSDS and his customers can be proud of.