Distributed Antenna System (DAS) 


Cellular coverage doesn't just happen. To ensure five-bar cellular coverage and adequate cellular data capacity for Smart Phones, IT managers deploy in-building infrastructures known as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Distributed Antenna System vendors like McNeal Professional Services provide a dedicated network of distributed antennas and a wired path for delivering licensed radio frequencies closer to end users, indoors.

The comprehensive McNeal portfolio of in-building wireless infrastructure solutions offers built-in RF intelligence and flexible architectures to fit every facility, large or small. As a leading Distributed Antenna Systems vendor, our enterprise-ready, operator-grade solutions enable a wide variety of technologies and service offerings including 4G LTE network architecture for the newest breed of mobile devices.

Backed by award-winning technical expertise, our portfolio gives enterprises and operators maximum flexibility. Learn why DAS solutions are deployed by McNeal Professional Services, in some of the world’s state-of-the-art stadiums, hospitals, hotels, and enterprises.

Our DAS Team provides quality field services to ensure that your project is completed on time. Our team will perform site surveys, existing coverage analysis and will determine the scope of coverage enhancement needed. We will also perform full design capability utilizing iBwave (or other tools as requested) with propagation modeling. Our Installation Teams will be deployed, followed by close out packaging.

Scope of Services Description
Site Surveys Candidate Locations, Existing DAS Review, Expansion Needs
Design Initial Designs, Design Reviews, As Built Documentation
Installation Passive DAS Solutions to Large-Scale Active and Fiber DAS Solutions
CW Testing Design and Coverage Verification Pre and Milestone Installation
Benchmarking Macro and DAS Coverage Performance Analysis
Commissioning and Acceptance Testing Testing of Macro Integration and DAS Coverage Objectives
DAS Maintenance and Troubleshooting Preventative Maintenance and Outage Response