Engineering & Installations

Network Solutions:   McNeal Professional Services (McNeal) provides Survey, Design, Engineering, QA/QC and Installation services to Government and Commercial customers throughout the United States. McNeal has a vast knowledge of today’s leading edge technology specializing in Inside Plant (ISP), Outside Plant (OSP), and Wireless network infrastructures and optimization. McNeal’s staff is made up of Air National Guard and retired military professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the communications field.

McNeal builds state-of-the-art cabling infrastructures designed to meet your unique needs while delivering a lifetime of consistent, superior performance. National rollouts and other large-scale, multi-site projects are completed in a timely and cost effective manner, utilizing industry standards and our global network of certified partners.

McNeal has a solid track record building virtually every type of network, including voice, data, fiber and wireless environments. Our skilled, experienced project managers and engineers work closely with your entire project team to develop an optimal and cost-effective design for your implementation projects. All of our design work adheres to national, state and local codes, as well as the most rigorous industry and manufacturer standards (BICSI, TIA, EIA, ANSI).

McNeal also ensures the uniformity of job requirements and minimizes costs to your organization. Experienced in CCTV/CATV, Cat-5, Cat-6 and fiber-optic systems, we perform and manage all testing and certification requirements.

Inside Plant Solutions:   Our ISP Services encompass certified solutions in unshielded twisted pair (UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP), copper and fiber optic cable. Our BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD’s) examine each component of the clients’ requirements and develop an in depth design to include:

  • Horizontal Distribution
  • Backbone Distribution
  • Telecom and Datacom Distribution Build out
  • Paging
  • Security
  • Main Equipment Room Build out
  • Telecom Service Entrance

Inter or intra-building or campus distribution systems can incorporate Category 3, 5e, and 6 copper cables, coaxial, single mode or multi-mode station fiber, copper / fiber ties or riser as well as manufacturer specific connectivity hardware.

Capacity planning incorporates cable systems pathway support as an integral part of any cable plant installation. Pathway implementation involves both the pathway for containment of cable, as well as related spaces, such as pull boxes and splice boxes, that aid in the installation and or change of cable. The pathway must be designed to handle all types of communications cable (e.g. voice, data, video, sound and security).

Ceiling zone distribution methods include conduits, raceways, cable trays, and or open top cable supports (J-hooks). Vertical and horizontal cable will be independently supported from structural steel utilizing a combination of support methods. Access floor pathways are similarly designed and utilize the same distribution methods. These pathways shall be placed in a manner that provides sufficient space for service personnel to stand on the structural floor without risk of damaging the cable. Management of the ceiling or floor containment for primary and secondary runs should include dedicated routes, access points, enclosed raceway distribution, cable trays, and or open top supports.

Our qualified staff will deliver a complete inside cable plant solution, from the initial elements of planning and architecture, certification, project management, implementation, testing and detailed documentation

Assessment and Design:   Coupled with a detailed Assessment and Planning engagement, McNeal plans and designs a cable plant management system that will allow businesses to cost effectively plan, install, and manage the complex cable and fiber infrastructure required by today's networks. McNeal understands the high cost of physical plant change and implementation, and the challenges of effectively maintaining that physical plant for an increasingly mobile work force. Employee moves, additions, and drops can also be managed through this solution.

McNeal's broad experience in cable and fiber plant design and implementation can assist businesses in deciding the best investment of scarce IT resources into new infrastructures. Designs are consistent with today's business needs, characteristics, and requirements. Along with the information transfer needs of organizations, the MCNEAL solution incorporates planning, required facility modifications, installation planning and implementation, start-up and check out, testing and certifications, and on-site support services.

Outside Plant Solutions:   Our OSP services encompass certified solutions in underground or aerial, copper or fiber optic cable. Our Engineers and BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD’s) examine each component of the clients’ requirements and develop an in depth design to include:

Metropolitan Area Network
Campus Area Network
Long haul
Last Mile
With McNeal’s strategic partners and in-house resources, client projects are completed on-time with quality assurance, regardless of the environmental challenges. System engineering includes:

Duct Banks and Substructures
Pneumatic Boring and Horizontal Directional Drilling
Surface Restoration
Building Entrance Protection
Splicing and Termination
Grounding and Bonding
Our qualified staff will deliver a complete outside cable plant solution, from the initial elements of planning and architecture, BICSI certification, project management, implementation, testing and detailed documentation.