Enterprise DAS Solutions

The strong five-bar wireless signal enjoyed outside often drops to one or two bars just before entering a building. Building materials such as heavy steel and concrete, as well as low-energy glass used in most structures, absorb or block radio signals, causing such coverage issues. By deploying DAS enterprise solution, enterprises will see coverage enhancements throughout the building regardless of the building materials used, and will also realize unparalleled benefits.

  • Reduce Network Costs  – DAS Solutions enable the support of single and multiple wireless operators in addition to multiple services seamlessly and transparently on one network.
  • Eliminate Parallel Networks  - Enable the combination of multiple wireless services (Wi-Fi, WMTS Telemetry, Public Safety, etc.) and traditional cellular capacity on one integrated network.
  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs  - DAS solutions, use the existing COAX or CAT 5e/6 infrastructure to simultaneously support all cellular services.
  • Save Money through Scalability  – DAS modularity enables new services and operators to be added to an existing system without the disruption of pulling additional cables or adding antennas.
  • Enable Comprehensive Coverage  - Through the support of broadband fiber optics, DAS solutions support coverage areas ranging from 100,000 square feet to over 1,000,000 square feet
  • Ensure Quality of Service  - Support a real-time management system that constantly monitors the wireless infrastructure on an end-to-end basis. Issues can be proactively isolated and resolved, avoiding costly disruptions to communications.