Investigator Duties:
A.         Based on cases or broad legal issues assigned to one or more Assistant United States
            Attorneys (AUSAs), independently plans and conducts investigative analysis of an
            extraordinary complex and difficult nature.  Cases frequently concern exceptionally
            sensitive matters involving target organizations that are exceptionally complex in
            structure, such as those with a large number of primary and subsidiary activities.
            Investigations are of major interregional dimension, or are nationwide in coverage, with
            occasional international implications.  Typical investigations of this nature are conducted
            in conjunction with federal, state and/or local agencies, both within and outside the
            USAO’s geographic jurisdiction.  
B.         Working with assigned Assistant United States Attorney(s), determines applicable
           statutory and regulatory law, and identifies possible violations.
C.       Independently pieces together evidence that comes from investigators, analysts, and law             enforcement officers stationed throughout a large geographic area or several states.  From this             evidence, recognizes the target suspect or organizations’ pattern of operations in order to identify             information of interest, anticipate events as they unfold, and/or by instructing separate investigators             or auditors who are working on specific segments of the case.  Determines proof required to assist             in affixing legal responsibility for violation(s), and devises methods for obtaining, preserving, and             presenting evidence for greatest litigative effect.
D.       Performs a variety of ancillary analytical and investigations-related services in direct support of             litigation.  Support activities include some or all of the following:
-           Initiates contacts with federal, state and local officials and other organizations and individuals related to the subject(s) of investigation for the purpose of gathering and analyzing facts, obtaining statements, learning sequences of events, obtaining explanations and otherwise advancing investigative objectives. Examines books, ledgers, payroll, cost reports, billing statements, invoices, correspondence, computer data and other records pertaining to the transactions, events or allegations under investigation.  Establishes and/or verifies relationships among all facts and evidence obtained or presented, to confirm authenticity of documents, corroborate witness statements, and otherwise build proof necessary for successful litigation.
-           Defines and conducts extensive research and analysis of data relating to suspected civil  violations, such as health care fraud or other violations or offenses of special concern within the USAO community.  Analyses information on target individuals and organizations by identifying relevant data sources, and extracting, analyzing and validating data.  Prepares and disseminates information to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and other appropriate entities.
-           On a continual basis, monitors, reviews and analyzes information from multiple sources.  Identifies the need for further research, analysis or investigation, and makes decisions concerning the consolidation and dissemination of information to various law enforcement agencies and other organizations.
-           Prepares interim and final reports on progress of investigations for use by AUSAs and supervisory attorneys.  Includes significant findings and conclusions, recommendations for additional investigative actions, and candid assessments of strengths and weaknesses of witnesses, documentary evidence, and other aspects of case. 
-           arranges for secure storage, preservation, organization, and indexing of voluminous documentary evidence.
-           Assists in compilation and analysis of documents and physical evidence, and creation of charts, graphs, videotapes, and other audio-visual materials for use in motions and at trial.  Provides advice to AUSA on selection of witnesses and ensures their attendance through subpoena or otherwise.  Testifies in court as required.
-           Independently or with the ACE Coordinator meets regularly with designated federal agency personnel, as well as state and local officials, for the purpose of generating fraud investigations and coordinating responsibilities with regard to these investigations.